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And, help purposeful teams flourish with coaching, workshops and learning experiences.
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People drive purpose.

At On-Purpose Partners we fuel purpose with people. We do this by finding proven leaders and developing strong, resilient teams with tailored recruitment and leadership development services. So that more purpose-driven organizations can attract and nurture an invaluable asset—their people.
On-Purpose Partners gives 5% of its net revenue back to charities that support human potential, and all employees volunteer a minimum of 100 hours per year.

Start with your 'Why'. Build your team on purpose.

Purpose-Driven organizations endure for one reason - to create a better world through a shared mission devoted to achieving meaningful objectives that has a lasting effect on everyone.

That's a tall order. But an important one.

We believe you can do great things when you strengthen the heartbeat of your team with the right leaders in place while enabling your team to grow and excel.

On-Purpose Partners recruits for a variety of industries

Our recruitment experience, vast network, and proven approach has placed successful leaders in the following industries.

B Corps



Credit Unions

Member Based Cooperatives

Higher Education

Professional Services

Social Enterprises

Leadership searches are our specialty

We fill roles for Board Directors, CEOs, and leaders in People and Culture, Marketing and Communications, Operations, Finance, and Technology.

Board-driven CEO searches

Board-driven searches are never easy, that's where we come in.

Finding a CEO with the specific skills and leadership competencies to lead your organization into the future is a critical endeavor, and getting board members aligned to choose well is challenging.

But this is where we excel. We will lead your board through a proven, comprehensive process to secure alignment well before we start the search to establish a clear, cohesive vision for the leader you need before we launch the search.

We will then undertake a thorough, robust, proven search process to uncover a leader with the skills and competencies to take your organization into the future.

Leadership searches

Your executive team plays a critical role in driving your organization's strategy, actions, and culture. We take the time to understand your unique needs and specific challenges.

We know that these are key components for attracting the right talent.

We also know that great leaders are usually busy doing great things elsewhere. We cast wide nets, dig deep, and are committed to bringing you a pool of candidates that provides your team with options.

Board recruitment

The job of building a board is about more than just filling slots. It requires uncovering directors with the commitment, passion, and skillsets to help advance the mission and mandate of your organization.

And it's not just about finding great individuals; it's about building a team with the right blend of backgrounds, competencies, diverse perspectives, networks, and spheres of influence to truly move your organization forward and achieve its full potential.

Upfront planning and strategic consideration are critical to ensure the search for a new board member yields the leader you need. Our robust and proven board recruitment process enables just such an outcome.

Your search is
important to us

As your On-Purpose Partner we commit to:

Put you first.

Finding you a great addition to your leadership team is our primary mandate. We will do what it takes to make that happen.

Listen to go deep.

Finding you a great addition to your leadership team is our primary mandate. We will do what it takes to make that happen.

Cast a wide net.

We will conduct an extensive search which includes deep research, referral networking, online sourcing, and strategic advertising as required.

Be scrutinizing.

We will invest time to evaluate each candidate against the competencies you have articulated. Our goal: ensure each interviewee is a viable prospect.

Communicate openly.

We will follow up at agreed-upon intervals and provide prompt, accurate feedback following all candidate interviews.

Keep it confidential.

We will follow up at agreed-upon intervals and provide prompt, accurate reviews.

Need to develop your people? We can do that.

Healthy, high-functioning leaders and teams are a purpose-driven organization's greatest competitive advantage. And we know that stand-apart teams - the ones who really move the needle forward - operate with clarity, vision, focus, humanity, and a growth mindset.

To achieve this, teams must overcome obstacles from within and without, chart an intentional path forward, and hold each other both capable and accountable.  

Our coaching offerings, leadership journeys, customizable team workshops, and other people development services create opportunities for your people to grow individually and together.

Clients We've Served

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Coast Capital
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rocky mountaineer
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